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August 29, 2012
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What happens in Narita Airport Stays in Narita Airport

Narita Airport. Unlike most airports it made sense. It was hard to get lost in it. In fact, really, you had to go out of your way to get lost in it. Well… most of the time… if you were in the wrong place it was very easy to get lost. Particularly if you can't really read Japanese maps. Like you. You couldn't read Japanese maps that well. You were pretty proud of yourself in fact when you found the toilets using that map (you ignored the fact that the toilets were next to said map).

But you were not a happy tourist. You were here on business to see your good friend Japan, your boss sent you to a) make better trade relations b) make better military relations c) have a break. You really needed a break according to your boss and your economy was good so why not take a holiday?

So that's how you ended up in Narita Airport, Japan. You were in Japan! As a country you felt kind of dirty thinking that And you were hungry and a little apprehensive about ordering from a Japanese eatery as you weren't overly familiar with his cooking you decided to go with the 'safe' option. McDonalds. Really, you weren't that sure if it was safe, America was raised by England and was able to eat his food. Really, it was the Eighth Wonder of the World how he survived that. After placing your order and eating your meal at one of the nearby tables, you decided that if Japan wasn't going to pick you up from the airport you might as well have a look at the shops…

~le magical time skip of shopping~

After buying five boxes of Pocky and a box of Nama Chocolate (it was better than BELGUIM and SWITZERLANDS!!) and taking pictures of the different types of Kit Kats and buying two volumes of (fave manga not Hetalia) you decided to take a look in one lost news agency for a Jump Weekly one more manga and a phrase book. After you found your phrase book you decided to look at the manga, you couldn't find any in English which is when you turned around thinking English might be on the shelf behind you.

Oh how wrong you were…

You turned around and looked down and accidently saw over someones shoulder into the 'magazine' they were reading. And it was by far less than innocent, particularly with those pictures of women…
You turned around quickly with a flushed face and shuddering hands, your bags shook with your hands. You snuck a glance over your shoulder at the man and you couldn't help your shout
"JAPAN, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU READING!! I THOUGHT YOU AND ITLAY WERE INNOCENT" you ran out of the store and sat down shuddering in the corner "SEE?! THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ON THE AXIS GERMANY CORRUPTED YOU!!" you made yourself a nice little emo corner and got out some chocolate biscuit mushroom things you brought before. You did know that Japan read/wrote/drew hentai and the occasional smutty fanfic/fanart but those were real people in the pictures.

At least you found Japan

Meanwhile, in the store Japan was more than embarrassed about what happened. Unlike that… incident with Greece he couldn't deny it saying it was a dream (after all you're loud yelling proved that) and he couldn't really blame that on anyone else. He hastily put the magazine down and ran out the store to see you in an emo corner with people walking past and pointing and whispering about the 'foreign lady in the emo corner'. Japan sighed knowing that he was going to have to face you sooner or later, just hoping that you wouldn't think any less of him.
"[Country]-san, are you alright?" he asked as he approached you
You didn't notice him and simply muttere "Japan… corrupted… Germany's fault… porn… real…"
Japan flinched slightly at your mutterings, knowing there was only one way to snap you out of your daze

"[Name]-chan… would you like to play the pocky game?"
You looked up with anime tears in your eyes with sparkles "R-really…?"
Japan blushed and internally screamed 'KAWAII~!!' and nodded "H-hai [Name]-chan"
You stood up for the ground and hugged Japan, he was too shocked and too guilty to push you away. You grabbed his hand and skipped away. "Yay, I already brought the pocky~!"
Japan nodded blushing. Despite the almost terrible occurrence that happened in your relationship and he was now playing the pocky game with you. A turn for the better in his opinion.
Now he just needs to make sure that you don't talk about what happened at his airport.
Ah, Japan, you're so cute~!:iconcblushplz:
First fanfiction I've published so please be nice to me...?:iconbegplz:

The whole looking behind in the News agency thing happened to me, except it was some older Japanese man. And I didn't shout. I was more like:iconfrenchwhineplz:

Nama Chocolate is good. It is awesome!! I got five boxes. Four for my family. One for me/mum and one more that I ate on the plane back.

Also I did buy a box of giant Pocky. A few people in my exchange group (including my friend and a teacher) started betting on how long it would take me to eat it. I was better than everyone expected. I dragged it out for a week. Eveyone was betting days. I also had 1-2 boxes of Pocky with me at all times. :iconpockyboxplz:
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